No more utility for the JPEGS

Sorry to break the news, but Galactic is winding down, and with it, both Gallery and NFT Search won’t be supported anymore. Gallery, which doubled as an AppleTV app and Screensaver, was pretty rad, showing off NFTs from any wallet like a revolving digital art exhibit right in your living room. It was a blast merging digital stuff with physical spaces.

At the same time, we’re saying goodbye to NFT Search, a blazing fast NFT search engine. This bad boy could whip across all NFTs on the mainnet in a snap. We crafted these crawlers that crawled every nook and cranny of the mainnet, keeping tabs on all ERC721 and ERC1155 NFTs, and listening in on all the ETH chatter.

We’re bummed to see them go. Fingers crossed, we get to see more cool mash-ups of digital and physical in the future, and here’s hoping someone comes along to rebuild an even better NFT search engine!

Why is this happening?

Unfortunately, General Galactic Corporation is shutting down. We had a wonderful time and built terrific things.

We want to give a massive shout to our fantastic users, the brilliant Galactic team, and our unwaveringly supportive investors. While it’s a bummer that Galactic won’t be around, we’re proud of what we have created during our time together.

Stay safe out there!

The Galactic Team