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📇 A journey towards a gas efficient ERC721

How we set out to create a low gas NFT and wound up understanding open zeppelin’s design decisions.

Harper Reed, CEO Feb 11, 2022

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👀 Looking into The Watcher

We share the technology behind our latest product, The Watcher, and teach you how to make an app available on Homebrew.

Rob Haining, Engineer Jan 20, 2022

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🗝️ Sign-in with Ethereum: PKI Magic and Normal People

Public Key authentication is closer than ever to the mainstream. We believe it’s the best identity system in a generation and built tooling to help you use it.

Clint Ecker, Engineering Dec 13, 2021

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📇 The codes behind our warez

A complete technical teardown of how we made our fully on-chain floppy disk NFTs that react to the contents of your wallet.

Clint Ecker, Engineering Nov 3, 2021