Wouldn’t it be great if you got an alert when gas was “decent”?

Wouldn’t it be great to get an alert for when ETH was down to a point that felt reasonable to you to buy ETH? 

Meet The Watcher. 

The Watcher project is a menu-bar based app that sends you personalized notifications when gas/eth fall below your desired threshold and/or when one of the wallets you’re watching adds to their wallet. 

The Watcher is the tool we wish we had as web3 beginners 

The newbie experience in web3 can be uncomfortable, daunting, and exhausting. There is a feeling of being on a never-ending learning curve as things move and evolve at a breathtaking pace. With this come strong feelings about web3-specific concepts and the nuances surrounding them. Once you get started, it takes time to develop a perspective on what you care about—token trading, airdrops, NFTs, DAOs— and which domain(s) within web3 you intend to expend your energy. 

As much as buying point-zero-something of ETH seems odd, it wasn’t nearly as infuriating as the concept of paying gas…for everything. And then came the wild fluctuations in gas prices (20% increase within a minute—what?!). 

You go through these cycles of just being mad and not taking any action (for days, weeks, months), to coming to terms with the logic on why you have to pay gas, to then monitoring gas prices, coming up with a personal gas threshold that seems reasonable, and then holding out until that threshold is met to do what you’ve been wanting to do (mint an NFT, buy an NFT, claim token etc). 

If you don’t already have a plan on what to do or what to buy, knowing when to act is hard unless you have the time to sift through Twitter and Discord. They are the best sources for crypto stuff (and tons of it), but there’s also a ton of noise. 

Which is the new token to invest in? 

Is there a cool new free mint? 

The assumption here is that you already know which Twitter accounts to follow and which Discords to join. What if you could get alerted anytime people you trust to know their shizz buy something so you could get in on the action (early)?

Time is a precious commodity

The web3 world moves quickly, with tons of new projects, proposals, NFTs, and interesting ideas flying around daily. The information firehose can be incredibly invigorating—but it also can be intimidating. 

Especially if working in web3 isn’t your full-time job, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with your curiosity or to stay on top of your FOMO. 

The Watcher does the work, you enjoy the alpha 

With The Watcher,  you can live your life, do your thing, and let it tell you when something you care about happens instead of going to places to get the info (and don’t get us wrong–there are sites that do a good job of getting this info and then some for you). 

You are free from having to constantly monitor infinite Twitter timelines and Discords to get information on prices and the people you care about. 

In the future, we’re considering adding features to support Discord and DAOs, including: 

  • Tracking DAO Discord #announcements and #proposal channel content
  • Monitoring Discord for keywords

Download The Watcher and tell us what you think. We want to make sure we all make it — not just those with unlimited time to creep Twitter and Discord.